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Even with tattooing as my main gig, I have always felt like more of an illustrator than an artist. Bringing a clients ideas to fruition rather than my own emotional statements. These days I work primarily in digital but I have always had the motto “Anything from skin to steel” and that will always continue. Whatever the challenge, I aim to deliver in a Clean and professional way. Everything is for sale and commissions are always welcome, Inquire within!View Portfolio…






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I love to chat about tattoo ideas and art projects just about any time. Even if it is early in the process and you are not yet ready to make a decision, a professional perspective may help you gain insight into trends, ideas, lighting and all sorts of other things that you may not necessarily think of. You can drop me a line or if you can catch me at the shop, I’ll chat your ear off, even if I don’t feel the project is a good fit for me.


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Your Story

Come to me at any stage in the creative process for a first or second honest opinion. I love challenges and I like to sit with my clients and distill their ideas down to a few core thoughts, emotions or memories to really develop something just right for them. I like to discuss symbolism and help them to understand their options, generally a limb at a time.

My Experience

I’ve been doing this a few years on now and have always felt that being able to tackle any task would help my range as an artist. Lately, I have been trying to develop my own style. I have been using those years of experience to lean on what I find to be stronger design elements and working on those pieces where I have the greatest creative freedom. I do still value a range of subjects in my portfolio almost as much as I value being able to do something different every day. Lets see what we can make together!

Your Art

Whether we are designing an epic sleeve or a commissioned painting for the room. I try to design with the end in mind. Whatever the style and whatever the subject matter, I want your piece to be my best work and for it to stand the test of time.


I have been making some changes to my working process and will currently only be taking on work which speaks to me the loudest and challenges me the most. I have ideas that I would like to try and promote, and am interested in defining my style a little better these days. Taking on a slightly lighter load will help with my ability to focus on the work that I feel the strongest about. Portriature of all types, Real-school (traditional style with realistically drawn elements) and Bio-organic stuff straight to the front of the line. All projects are considered based on the project and the creativity aspects I am allowed, not the person. If I do not feel the fit is right for this project, or if I cannot meet your time or budget constraints, please try me again on the next!

I’m your huckleberry!


It’s all about the contrast. Whether you like the realistic side of things or a more traditional look, Contrast is key!

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