Advertsing Threat

thehopefoolignorant: …i’d say the threat was real… thank you, Radio 2.

so. I’ve collected a bunch of tattoo machines and currently these are the ones that get the least use. they should be tattooing not collecting dust. hit me up if you are interested in any of them. Dringenberg, Infinite Irons, Soba, another Infinite and a Neuma Hybrid

got the shop to myself. I could get used to this

to everyone who has hated on me or doubted me along the way…. seriously, thank you.

last nights fun little number with the homie @wargassernick. one more session to go! fun times

bout to spend a night with @wargassernick…. here we go

its on now bitches

first run with the patinas today… W/G

hole in my oil bag!? is that a big deal?… FML!

picked up this rediculously sick motorized drafting table today.

all dressed up and no where to go go…

oh how i missed you LA. All set up And ready to rock. Hit me up if you were trying to get some time while I was away

new blog….

finally, all old stuff but hopefully I’ll get all caught up soon.

Just saw some cows fighting. It was awesome. Yeah cows, no horns, utters.