its not my R but I got to ride this to the shop today. of course I picked the coldest day to ride. going home is going to be fun. home sweet LA in two more days


Home Home on the range

Back on the road again I landed in Missoula today and the fresh air is doing wonders. If you’re up here and have been wanting to catch up I am here until the 1st. Stoked to wrap up a couple of pieces and to get to these few that I have set up so far, starting with this one today…..

this Guy has been following me all damn day

hit the shop early today for some quiet.time and to.get ready next Montana trip on friday

I miss my R right now

krstnknsky: ohmygawd. yes. HAHA my boys at The Proper LA need this

Schlick’s Studio Hollywood I finally found a home more centrally located to most of you. One that I think I may actually be able to expand my horizons at. to see more pics or read the story check it out @

Day to work on my Social Sites

how do you spell the drooling sound that Homer makes?

deviantart: Goddess of Rebirth by ~Rahmatozz rediculously sick piece by rahmatozz on the @deviantart tumblr

ohmygodbeautifulbitches: Femke Fatale

this bird mobs the FXR cause flying is less exciting

So I’ve been offered a great opportunity to work with an awesome tattoo artist in LA and been given large walls to fill in the process. Anybody withing to make an appointment closer to the Hollywood area hit me up as I will be spending a lot of time there anyway. Big thanks to Ruger for the opportunity

met this little dude on my way to the shop today

i realize now that the earlier I get up the earlier the bullshit starts…. perfect