Attention, ladies… A septum piercing is NOT an acceptable disguise for your mustache. Thank you that is all.

its moving day… so move the fuck out of my way!

Tattooing, and the Weather in Missoula

So Earlier this year I decided to take a much overdue trip to visit family in Missoula, Montana. Knowing that I can not go more than one day of not working at a time without going nuts I made a couple of calls to see if I could line up some work. I had a couple of good responses but …

-mockery: Stars, Milky Way, Jackson Lake, Grand Teton NP (by IronRodArt – Royce Bair) awesome photo making the rounds on tumblr

Rad architecture piece I found on tumblr. arkitektonas: (via PYTR 75: Mathew Borrett)