Bettie Page Tattoo

13 Nov 2011 Posted by: Comments: 0 In: Life Tags:

I was contacted by this customer who told me she wanted to get tattooed. She wanted a Bettie Page Tattoo and sent me all of this reference of Olivia’s work, and pictures of her and other stickers and stuff of her. She also sent me a bunch of art from Joe Capobianco and Tony Ciavarro so I thought I had a pretty good feel for what she was looking for deciding to add on whatever other little “flair” on the spot.

I decided on this picture of Bettie on the beach, one that she sent me and I flipped her over, Photoshopped up her eyes and lips, did a drawing from that and then did this Colored pencil drawing. After going back and forth and not being able to have a solid answer from the customer about what she wanted she said she liked it and to go with it, last-minute she told me “I’m not really feeling your drawing I was thinking of something more like this” and sent me this picture of this “Bettie Cool” patch. I’m sure it is safe to say we will not be working together after all. I still really want to do this tattoo or some other similar cheesecake style stuff. If you are interested in this piece hit me up through my contact form I’ll do it the size it is (probably like 8”) for $500. I think I can do it in 5 hours but if I go over it’s on me. You can have the drawing too.

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