Tattooing, and the Weather in Missoula

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So Earlier this year I decided to take a much overdue trip to visit family in Missoula, Montana. Knowing that I can not go more than one day of not working at a time without going nuts I made a couple of calls to see if I could line up some work. I had a couple of good responses but in the end I wound up over with the crew over at American Made Tattoos.

My first trip I spent 2 months and basically worked every day. Definitely a little bit of culture shock but I think I managed. Life just moves at a different pace up there, or maybe every place moves at a different pace than Los Angeles. I haven’t really figured that out yet.

When I was there between March and May The weather was just how I liked it, sweat shirt and jeans all day long and just cold enough at night to warrant warming the house up. By the time I went back in June not only was it perfect t-shirt weather all day long but the rivers and lakes were full with the spring run off and it stays light out well past 9pm. It definitely felt wierd to lock up the tattoo shop while it was still daylight out.

All in all, I loved it. Mostly because there wasn’t much to worry about, except tattooing, and the weather in missoula. And I was only worried about that because I was dying to get my bike up there. All of the guys at the shop (and the girls) know their trade well and are professional. Everyone was very welcoming and open to sharing the town and the Montana pace of life with me.

Apparntly life has slowed down a bit up there though. I was planning on going back up there sometime in the near future, but I heard that things are starting to slow down early for the winter this year. Plus, from what I hear it is already getting cold so I am  guessing I won’t be riding my bike up there any time soon.

The current plan is to move up there and be working by January, in time to get a real taste of Montana winter but I guess that depends on how much I work I get hit up for. So if you are interested, let me know and I will put you in the book for January.

11/8: So I am hearing that it just started snowing up in Missoula. My Aunt and Uncle came down and apparently brought the weather with them for a couple of days. The move is coming up and I am starting to get pumped. I don’t really know why, I’m going at a time that is going to be cold and miserable but I am excited to get a house and be able to hang out with my family by the fire. I’m sure that sounds a bit nostalgic, but after so much time living at the pace I do in Los Angeles it will be nice to slow down and enjoy the finer things. I started marketing myself a bit up there with separate entities on Facebook for Schlicks Studio and Mickeys Murals on top of the websites. That seems to be going well and hopefully soon my marketing will start to help get me in to the Google results for Missoula searches. I’m hoping to be able to book tattoos only 10 days a month and only full day or 1/2 day sessions but that would give me time to focus on each tattoo and also get some other projects done as I want to be known as an artist in the area beyond the tattoos.

So far my booking schedule is not concrete but I have put out some feelers out there to see if there is going to be any way for me to find space to paint in that I can trade some work for. I’ve had a couple of interested parties but I am hoping to find an opportunity where I can help someone else’s business grow and also find room for myself. I did a craigslist posting and I know that bartering is big up there so I now have a Barter page too. Sick as it sounds I am really excited to be able to play in the snow with Tiffany  but I’m sure this year will be mostly just getting situated. I am Running promotions in preparation for my move to the area so anyone interested should be sure to check out both the Schlicks Studio Promotion and a Mickeys Murals Promotion.

Anyway that is the update for today, until there is something more, Take it Easy Missoula

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