Almost there

20 May 2012 Posted by: Comments: 0 In: Life Tags:

I keep threatening to get on top of my site and caught up on all of my posts and pics and what not, but I finally feel like I am making progress. I don’t want to spoil it all just yet because I’ve got a lot that I just haven’t published yet. However, now that I built this nifty new Hackintosh to keep my shit straight, I’m almost caught up on my drawings, and the shops site is almost good to go at

Everyone seems to be stoked on it but I am in the process of making it so that you get a different layout on the site if it is accessed from a phone than if it is accessed from a computer. The last big thing I’m after is a better camera so I can bring all of these shenanigans to the site with me to share and I’ll be pretty much caught up on life. Hopefully there will be a string of posts coming up very soon as well as a bunch of new pics of things I have been working on. Anyway, stay tuned, I just felt guilty logging on to check out the site without at least putting something down,

Thanks for following—Mickey

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