Lag Time

18 Feb 2012 Posted by: Comments: 0 In: Life Tags:

So, I’ve not been too great about staying on top of this site since the move. No real excuses other than life just being crazy in general, my phone isn’t taking the greatest pictures and my camera to computer transfer process is being a pain in the ass.

Hopefully by next week we will be in our new house and I will be able to post some pics and give a general update. Soon,  I will have a little studio in which to paint and stay up on my computer stuff. If things continue to go well, then soon I will have a new camera so I can take some pictures and make some videos worth watching and shortly after that (or maybe before) a new computer on which to stay up on all of my updates and artwork. I have been keeping an eye on this Dan Chase character and am really invigorated to get back to work on the digital illustrations, check him out on Youtube. I’ve got Photoshop now but the computer I use needs like 90 seconds to commit to any action so that has not been happening.

Life at the new shop is great. I say this for every new spot I go to, but I’ve really had a good time tattooing at this one. I stay pretty busy as does everyone there but it looks like we have some things on the horizon as a shop that I hope to be able to update everyone on soon. Everyone at the shop is a team player and enthusiastic about pushing themselves and their art which is very refreshing for me. For the first time in a long time I feel like I am the one lagging and that is good motivation for me. I think they may even let me try to pull the shop as a whole into the digital age. I guess I could probably focus on getting myself up to par and disciplined about it first but it will be fun to learn along the way.

Anyway, just a generic update but I needed to get on here to see what is happening and handle my updates and what not. I will try to be on top of things more after the first week or so in March.

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