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Yesterday my lady got a call from the owner of a driving school outside of LA who she used to work with looking for an extra set of hands for the weekend. I think that in the past this specific relationship with this specific school has gone both ways for her, and I know that sometimes she misses being involved with them. Personally I would be pretty damn bitter about the whole thing but I have tried to remind her that every day is a new day , the only direction to move is forward, and to make every interaction and relationship (business and personal) a win/win situation for both parties.

I’ve always felt that in any single person or group relationship, I’ve wanted to be seen as an asset and not a liability. Someone who connects all of  the dots, makes things happen and produces as opposed to someone who sucks up resources (though I have been more or less successful at times). As a new father, I want to pass this ethic on to my whole family. So, for me, the solution was a no-brainer… That she should buy a ticket and I would reschedule my tattoo appointments to babysit.

As she works on her career I think it is important that she gets in as much time and experience as possible, good bad or ugly to prepare and season her for her own path. If that means that I need to take some time off to watch our baby, so be it. Five days alone with an 8 month old, what could possibly go wrong!? At the very least we will get some hiking in and I will have time to work on the websites I am involved with and have plenty of opportunity to practice shooting with my new camera. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get my “Reviews” section going.

To be honest with you, so far it hasn’t even been 24 hours since the call that started this all, and her flight leaves less than 12 hours from now and I’m already pretty nervous though I’m working pretty hard to show only excitement and enthusiasm for her. This will be Ryans first time without mom or momma’s milk overnight and we have 4 nights in a row. So, I guess I’m playing Mr. Mom for the next couple of days.

To all of my appointments who I am rescheduling, I apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you all for being understanding. I will be in and out of the shop only as needed in the next couple of days but I will be back to normal program in the shop on Thursday.

If you are interested in hearing more about it from her perspective or want to check out her old driving reel see her site at

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