Alysson King: Tank Girl test shoot

11 Jul 2013 Posted by: Comments: 0 In: Life

Now that I’m able to paint every day I am hoping to start catching up on some projects that I finally feel comfortable enough to tackle. One of these is projects is to do some paintings of one of my favorite characters of all time. Luckily enough there is a very nice a girl , Alysson Kink of Fabrik Salon and The Cigarette Girls Burlesque Show here in Missoula, whom I know through the shop was not only down to dress up and do some photos for me but actually hit me up about putting something together a year ago.

This will definitely be something I try to get to ASAP but I wanted to put some teaser pictures up. Sadly I didn’t have quite enough light for the indoor stuff, but I think it will be plenty to work from. Hell, worst case scenario we will just have to take more,  oh darn.

Stay tuned for progress shots and sketches from this shoot.

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