Happy Anniversary to Me!

16 Jan 2013 Posted by: Comments: 0 In: Life

I ‘ve officially been in Missoula at Blaque Owl Tattoo for a year now and I can happily say that it has been a great fit and the best year I’ve had yet tattooing. The shop is letting me celebrate by sharing some of my work for February’s First Friday art event. I will be printing some of my older stuff that is worth sharing and I will also hopefully be prepared with at least a few new pieces to share. I want to try some new things this year and push myself further than ever so I want to share with everyone not only where I’m at, but where I’d like to go.

If I get my stuff together I will either be painting or tattooing that night so you can check out my process and talk to me while I work, Hopefully I get something good planned but you’ll have to drop in to see how it goes!┬áStay posted for more details, I would like to do something special to thank everyone who made it such a great year, but we will see how the month goes and I will post any details as they come. Thank you all! Everyone is welcome and I hope to see you there!


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