Inspirational Characters

04 Oct 2013 Posted by: Comments: 0 In: Big Ideas, Life

For a while I’ve been wanting to try to work on an actual “series” and have had a rough time figuring out exactly what I want to do. I’ve been back and forth about doing dogs or wildlife and maybe eventually making a calendar or something that I can sell some copies of.

I’ve always felt that in the tattoo industry, there are a few main conceptions that people have about portraits. One is that you should never ever ever deviate from the picture provided ever (even though 80% of the pictures we are brought to do tattoos of are shit). And the other is that portrait tattooers are copiers who cant really draw. To me, these ideas seem at odds, if the picture is shitty, just redraw it. Bing ! Bang! Boom! Two problems solved. So, as I worked more on the portrait side of my life over the summer I think my “artists eye” matured a bit and one of the ideas that started to crystallize was to do other portrait artists, some of whom I feel are very talented and some of whom I think have much better marketing that they have skill with a persons face. To put it simply there are a few fairly well known portrait artists whose covers I would like to pull.

When I was trying to put together the list of people I would like to talk shit about, It became very clear that I know many more very talented tattooers from many different generations and styles and it would be a waste to use everything I’ve learned merely to poke fun at people. That’s when the new plan became very clear. I never had a traditional apprenticeship but I have been inspired both positively and negatively along the way by a great number of people. Many are tattooers but not exclusively. Some of these people have taught me who I want to be as a person and many have tought me about the person I do not want to be, but I have learned from them all even if they wouldn’t remember me.

I think I will call the series “Inspirational Characters” and it will include everyone along the way and hopefully give me a little chance to discuss some of the things that I have learned with an overall tone of “Be careful who you become, you never know just who you may inspire”… Anyway, more later off to the shop…

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