Lettering, yes. Writing, no

24 Jun 2013 Posted by: Comments: 0 In: Life, Tattooing

I would just like to state for anyone interested that I am an artist and not a writer. I draw pictures, if you would like a small number of letters that I can DRAW and a flowing, interesting, artful way and not WRITE, then it is probably something that I am into. There is a big difference in an artfully done, lettering tattoo and a writing tattoo using a regular font and more than a couple words all in a line and the same size.

My opinion is that doing writing tattoos is not for me. I have some friends who are AWESOME at lettering tattoos, I am not one of them. And with the exceptions of the work created by a very few I think they are generally bad tattoos, that lose not only their readability but also their meaning over time. Sorry, but that bible verse on your foot will probably look like shit in 10 years no matter how well it was tattooed. The little tattoos and little writing in shitty areas (well all areas) will more often than not have small areas of open space which will eventually close up and no longer mean the same as the letter they started as. Luckily, by the time this happens the tattoo will probably have lost all personal meaning anyway and you will be well over reading it to yourself over and over and explaining it to everyone who sees it. No one is probably going o read it unless they see it in a picture. If you are still interested in a writing tattoo, please check out this article, then ask someone else. If you want to know what lettering tattoos should look like, then check out Thieu or BJ Betts and know that skill like that is not something that just anyone can do.

I WILL do them when I have the time and need the money, I will probably do them as well as most, but if you want my absolute best work and something that I enjoy doing, it will probably not come in the form of writing.

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