Thank You All – May update

08 May 2013 Posted by: Comments: 0 In: Life, Tattooing

I haven’t put up anything lately because I’ve felt like I’m in a little bit of a transitional period ever since my LA trip…

The Trip was a HUGE success minus the fact that I missed the most important day of the year here at Blaque Owl. I knew about it, but when it was time to pull the trigger on the trip I just had too much going and wanted to get it all handled and over with.

I made the trip because basically, the time I have been in Missoula has been the best in my career and I wanted to make a small investment back into my clients and my station as you guys are what is making it possible for me to live the dream up here. A new stool to sit for longer,  a new lamp to see you better, a new station to work from that is more easy to organize and clean, and a new client chair to keep you guys comfortable while we work. As it turned out I had a relative making the trip back up from LA in a truck so I saved by flying down and working off of it for a few days and then having them bring it back up with them. Anyway, it’s finally here and in service over at the shop. I’m going to print a thank you sign for the station but I wanted to say something on here for anyone who looks. You guys make it happen for me, and it does not go unnoticed.


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