Lets Make a Deal!

29 Jan 2014 Posted by: Comments: 0 In: Big Ideas, Life, Tattooing

Ok folks! I’m going out on a limb here and doing the big Tattoo-No-No, I’m making deals… On custom portraits no less! ! I want to do 10 charachter study tattoos for my portfolio before the convention season starts. I am highly motivated to get 5 people and 5 animals done. If you’ve worked with me you know that I generally charge a little more for portraits as they are a specialty and because the pressure to make the memory of the person last forever is pretty intense. I in this case I will not be doing any personal or family portraits. I will be doing tattoos of fun sketches and paintings that I choose of my own work. They will turn out awesome! This is because if you look at my portfolio the stuff that comes out best is the stuff that I have the most fun with and control over.

What I am going to be considering are wildlife, pets (pending on reference photos available), celebrities or historical figures. What I am looking for is people who are immediately recognizable to anyone who looks. In the case of my character studies, I generally spend a lot more time on the drawing and for these paintings I generally charge at least as much as the tattoo. For this project I will give up all original sketches and the tattoo at a rate that will make it possible and pleasurable for us both. The way that it works is that you fill out the form at the bottom of this page and let me know what you are considering. Once I consider and approve of the subject matter I will get to sketching. Next, we will handle it like any professional illustration project where I am the artist and you are the art director. I will send you all of the sketches and allow you to choose from the best of them. Then we will do a value or color study, and finally tattoo. Some of them will have a finished painting, and some of them I will be able to tattoo from a sketch and that will be decided by me as we go along since the goal of the whole thing is the tattoo, but I will definitely give up all of my preliminary work in either digital or wall ready form.

So if you have a person that you would totally get tattooed, but the cost of portraits stops you, or a specific animal you would like to get tattooed, now is the time. Pricing will still be time and energy dependent, but it should be a lot more forgiving than my normal portrait work. The first 10 great ideas get the deal. Thanks for checking it out!

To see more of my work you can check out my portfolio or follor me anywhere by checking out my contact page.

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