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The Complete Guide To How The NSA Hacked Everything | Zero Hedge:


48 slides of hacking products courtesy of Snowden.  Targets include the bootroms, BIOS, etc. of Dell and HP servers, Juniper and Huawei firewalls and routers.  Products are physically interdicted during shipment from the manufacturer to the end customer.  A USB or JTAG port is used to re-flash the boot environment so that even if the higher level OS is completely re-imaged, the backdoor will re-install.

They have even hacked the firmware of Segate, Western Digital, etc. hard drives controllers to re-infect the OS of targeted PCs by swapping out the Master Boot Record and/or slipstreaming a Trojan into the OS as the boot sequence is in progress.  The firmware hacks can remove themselves after a period of time.

Some of the products allow remote control and keylogging wirelessly.  Others allows video or keyclicks to be monitored from some distance.  Others allow air gap bridging.  Specialized USB implants to inject Trojans into PCs.

The NSA must have teams of thousands of designers working on these extremely customized and low level hacking tools.  The slides are all marked Top Secret and are available to USA and FVEY (The Five Eyes counties of UK, CA, AU, NZ, USA) analysts to target systems.  Pretty much every theoretical attack that I’ve heard of the past couple of decades is actually in use.

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