Commissioned Work FAQ

Due to the range and scale of mediums that I work in and the necessity to adhere to certain deadlines it is impossible for me to give a general price on my commissioned work. I need to know everything I ask on the consultation form before I even know how much work it is going to be. As a freelance artist I work on projects as they come and as they pay, I also have a day job. My tattooing schedule is usually booked up about two weeks  to a month out, so I generally need at least that much time on any project just to get it in to the schedule.  If there is a crazy deadline involved this may need to be worked out with adjusted pricing so I can compensate other customers who will be displaced.

What mediums do you work in?

I tattoo, draw, paint (with oils and acrylics), automotive custom painting, airbrushing, a little pin-striping and many types of digital work. I paint and put designs on any surface that will accept it and have lots of application ideas for those that need it. If you are looking for a traditional canvas, I prefer to work on hand stretched canvas or linen but if it is something smaller or has to be close to the wall then I also enjoy working on panels. I try as much as possible to be as well versed in each medium and application process as any other so I can truly offer my customers “Anything, from skin to steel”.  I’ve worked on everything from vacuum cleaners, to walls, cars, boats, motorcycles, and even plane and helicopter parts. I’m ready and willing to take on any job, however once you hire me you not only get my skills but also my expertise and I can often help a great deal in choosing the right application for your project and will offer that advice when applicable.  For instance, custom snowboard graphics are fun to paint, but to custom paint and clear a snowboard is very expensive if it is going to be something ridden at all, a more prudent application would definitely be a vinyl wrap designed digitally. This would be different if the artwork is for the wall and just happens to be on the snowboard.

What is the process for automotive work?

I can do all stages of a paint job, but so can 100 other people in any area making me the MOST expensive choice.  What I prefer and will always advise is that you discuss your job with me and then take it to an auto body place for the base and top coats and when it is time for my part of the project, I will come out to the job site and do my part and leave. I AM NOT set up for automotive painting at this time so this is the ONLY way I am currently working on automotive projects.


I work on art of every size and scale but I really love the big stuff. I make no size constraints, but size only partially effects the time and energy that goes in to a piece so a smaller piece won’t necessarily be a cheaper piece.


I do a lot of portraiture work, I’ve done it in every size from an egg to an elephant. The most general pricing I can say is that they start out at $500 and go from there. Animals are the same and will receive the same energy and attention to detail as one of a family member. The one request that I get a lot as far as portraits go is to put a bunch of people from different sources into the same picture and I try to avoid that. The reason is first that if the lighting in the pictures does not light all subjects exactly the same, the readability and realism will be lacking. Second, due to minor differences making huge impact, it is generally safer to put each portrait on its own canvas. The exception to this is my digital work which by design can be changed and rearranged at will indefinitely.

Do you sell prints?

I do sell prints of all of my existing work. I do not have a page up yet for that but I work with different companies for different sizes and projects. I sell anything from postcard sized prints to large canvas giclee prints and limited artist signed runs of specific work. If you are interested in one of my pieces, and my sales page is not up, please contact my through my Get In Touch page and I will make it happen!

If you are interested in commissioning for me a piece, please contact me via my  Art Commission Consultation page.


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