Digital/Web FAQ

Art: All digital art is handled the same as other commissioned art and can be handled through the custom art consultation page with with a few major differences to keep in mind due simply to the nature of the medium. Since there is no substrate until we get to the printing process, there is no cost for materials and there is usually a drop in pricing to compensate for that. Also, you pay for the artwork once, but I will have that file forever and you can have it printed as many times as you like and applied to as many surfaces as you like. Examples are automotive vinyl, canvas, poster, signs, business cards, phone covers, etc… Once you pay me for the artwork, I will make sure your art is printed and applied in the most professional manner once unless otherwise specified. The original printed work goes to you but I retain all rights to copy and distribute the work unless otherwise specified. If you want the same art on more than one application I will walk you through the process and only charge a small fee to set up and deliver the files.

What programs do you use?

As far as artwork goes I mostly use the Adobe programs Photoshop and Illustrator but I am starting to experiment a little with GIMP and also Alchemy. As for web applications I am most proficient with building sites using WordPress frameworks but I am also familiar with all applicable Adobe apps.


Art applications were discussed at the top of the page, but for websites the cost is in relation to the desired results and time it will take. generally if you are looking for a sort of plug and play website with no customization, no SEO, no art and no extended help, I am a little more pricey than the average. Where I excel is assisting small and personal businesses to present a professional facade to the rest of the world, as well as functionality and application implementation. Not only does this require a substantial investment of money from the customer but I also require an investment of time. ┬áMy goal is not to be a webmaster and hold peoples hands forever, I want to help small businesses be self sufficient. Usually, for a flat fee which depends on the goals and time constraints of the clients I offer a package deal. This does not include a domain, but it does include one year of hosting, setup of WordPress, and necessary ┬ádatabases, securing of the WordPress installation, One theme of your choosing, SEO implementation and permalink structure setup, any artwork, logo design or backgrounds necessary, Multi-application branding assistance (web logos, business card design, stationery, etc), setup and inclusion of social networking, editing and resizing any photos that need to be included, any necessary photography to be included (provided it is within a reasonable travel distance) as well as trouble shooting any custom plugins or applications needed to make your web presence as professional and functional as any storefront. The setup process can take anywhere from a week to a month depending on the clients needs. Many of these things are much easier to include site-wide when done from the very beginning so I generally like to start from scratch. I don’t do much coding, but if some customization is necessary then I can handle that too. The icing on the cake, is that you have access to my services for one year from the date of the first payment and within that yeah I will do all I can to have you running the site on your own. That is where the investment of time comes in on the customers part. You absolutely must be ready and willing to learn about at least some of this stuff as well ad write your own posts, pages and descriptions after a certain point or it is not worth it. You will be able to log on to your website from your home or office computer, but as I said before, I have no desire to be a webmaster, I have a desire to help people with small business development. If you are not interested in developing, I am probably not the right person for your job

Please use my Contact Page to get in touch with me about building a website for your small business.