Missoula Tattoo

Hi, I’m Mickey Schlick and welcome to my site. If you are wanting to see some photos of my work please check out the Portfolio section of my site, to stay up to date on the latest check out my blog called Life…In Progress or check out the link to Get In Touch For my contact and social media info

I haven’t quite been here long enough for my Missoula tattoo yet, but I’ve officially been tattooing here for a year and I’ve got to say it has been a blast. Last year, before I moved up here I came up a couple of times and worked for  Phil Roberson over at American Made Tattoo, Phil is an awesome guy and he and the crew there were very kind and open to me. Due to circumstances beyond anyones control they were host to a full house of artists at the time I moved up. Undertaking a cross country move and with a family to feed I had to find a permanent home and they were kind enough to put in a good work over at Blaque Owl Tattoo and the rest has been history.

I came to Missoula to tattoo because I really want to work on many aspects of my career. I find that the benefits here are many for me. Being in a smaller town I get much better opportunities to catch up with my customers after the fact for photos. In addition I seem to get a lot more opportunities up here to do color tattoos. Anywhere I am at it seems like one way or another I end up in the tattoo shop every day so it is much more reasonable to be in a place where I can  live in a nice house rather than a cramped apartment.  Last but not least, I feel like I have a lot of opportunity to use this as my central location as I try to get some more conventions and traveling under my belt.

I have to say, out of all of the places I’ve lived this is probably my favorite, or just suits me best, but in any event I feel that I have flourished here and will continue to have the opportunity to do so. The shop and the artists there are great to me and I get to do a lot of fun tattoos.