Andys’ Reaper Sleeve

Schlick black and grey, color, new school, Tattoo

Andy started coming to me originally for these black metal symbols and since then has graced me with a Ton of real estate and freedom. This one is obviously a Reaper Sleeve and he let me play with the glowing colors. I love realism but any time I can get down in a little more illustrative way I always get …

Bills Black and Grey Tattoo Sleeves

Schlick black and grey, Tattoo

This guy started as a random customer looking for a walk in consultation and has turned into a great buddy. He originally came to me and said that he wanted two sleeves before he was the age that his father was when he died.  That gave me around 5 Months. LOL. I dont think we finished on time but we …

Corys Color Portrait Tattoo

Schlick color, portrait, Tattoo

On my first trip up here to Missoula, Cory Grace let me take a crack at his leg and let me to all the picking. All he told me was he wanted a burlesque piece on his leg. I think we started with a full body pin up and I got sidetracked and really into color portrait tattoos at the …

Leos Ragnarok Sleeve

Schlick color, new school, Tattoo

When Leo hit me up this year to do his Ragnarok Sleeve I was extremely honored. I love anything to do with history and mythology and the viking stuff is always a blast. Sat like a rock too!

Kyles Lion Armor Tattoo

Schlick black and grey, Tattoo

It seems like only yesterday I was giving this guy his first tattoo and then BAM, he lets me draw on an entire armor half sleeve.  I really like doing these armor  pieces, they seem to be getting more intricate. I would really like  to do an entire sleeve or leg like this in the future!

Andys Bio Freehand Leg Sleeve

Schlick black and grey, Tattoo

I’m always eager to get into any type of bio project and when Andy gave me his leg I was all over it.  All drawn on with sharpies  and lots of playing with textures. I love freehand and bio black and grey stuff so if you are in the neighborhood and down to share a piece of flesh with me, …

Briannas Undersea Sleeve

Schlick color, new school, Tattoo

When Brianna came and asked me about this sleeve I was pretty  excited, especially when she let me draw it on. I always have fun watching it come together in the skin. We haven’t finished it yet but I will update this post as we get more done. Thank you for checking it out!

Butterfly Landscape Tattoo

Schlick black and grey, Tattoo

I had done this lake scene before and I am always looking for ways to cover a verticle surface with a horizontal landscape. I also love anytime I can bring negative space into a design. If you like this and would like something similar hit me up!

Bills Bordeaux Tattoos

Schlick Tattoo

Out of the blue I got hooked up with this guy a couple of years ago and as it turns out we hit it off. This is the third limb he has blessed me with and even more importantly these Bordeaux tattoos are portraits of his family. He breeds these awesome dogs and I have had the pleasure of meeting …

Chads Gambling Tattoo Sleeve

Schlick Tattoo

I got Chad as a customer sort of by accident. He had been trying to get in with someone who ended up being not working out and from minute one I felt that we really hit it off. From the fire and the Dice, to the Roulette set. I really need to get a short video of all of this …

Kaseys forearm skull tattoo

Schlick Tattoo

Kasey always lets me do the fun stuff! Go big or go home! This is a pretty good size for a half day (3-4 hour) tattoo. I really want to do a lot more with negative space like this. hit me up if you are interested!

Caylies Animal Tattoo Sleeve

Schlick Tattoo

Caylie was one of my earliest customers in Missoula and I had an absolute blast on her Animal Tattoo  sleeve.  Coming together slowly  over a few months. I really had a lot of fun with it especially the owl and the cow!