Washing your Tattoo

You may remove the bandage to clean your tattoo in 2-4 hours but do not wait more than 12. Waiting overnight is not recommended unless we finished very late at night and you pretty much went straight home to bed. Do not take the bandage or covering off  until you can properly clean the tattoo. Rinse the tattoo well with warm running water cleaning off all of the slime and plasma that may have formed under the bandage. when using soap, use a mild, fragrance free antibacterial doap, I recommend Dial in a pump bottle, do not use bar soap. Allow the tattoo to air dry for 15 minutes before applying any ointment or lotion.

Apply the aftercare ointment as needed, rubbing a very small ammount into the skin and try to remember that you are keeping more to the “moisturized” than “moist” side of things. Shiny means sticky so if it is a little bit shiny, blot off what you can and  try to let that dry off for a little bit before engaging in anything that could introduce bacteria to the tattoo site.

For the first couple days the traumatized area may still ooze a bit. This is normal, loose clothing or coverings may be used to protect upholstery, sheets or expensive clothing. Be sure when washing or applying ointment that you clean all of this and do not trap any of it under the ointment. Blotting and allowing the site to air dry after washing will help this.